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Honey Bees are not Scary!

From October 2021 to March 2022 has been a wild ride for us here at Hippie Chick Apiary. With the release of our first book, Henry Meets a Honey Bee, in October and moving to greener pastures to support our apiary, life has started to look rather different. Henry Meets a Honey Bee has seen international support and gained traction in the United States. We have had the pleasure to share our book at two major conferences. The Hive life Conference in Tennessee hosted by Kamon Reynolds and the TCBA 2022 Spring Workshop in Wooster, Ohio hosted by the Tri-County Beekeepers Association. The support that we gained speaks highly of the beekeeping community as a whole. They supported us wholeheartdly while supporting our continued efforts to educate the younger generation of beekeepers. There will be future blog posts about our experience at different conferences.

Henry Meets a Honey Bee aims to teach children from 2nd to 6th grade about pollination, the gender roles of the queen, drones, and worker bees, and the jobs of the worker bees within the hive. Using whimsical art and a unique story, Henry takes a journey with Honey, the queen bee of the local hive, to experience life as a honey bee while learning how one of natures favorite pollinators is successful.

Below is a reading from Henry Meets a Honey Bee:

At Hippie Chick Apiary, we are excited to announce our two new books releasing Mother's Day 2022. The two books are Honey Teaches Beekeeping to Kids and Honey Teaches Beekeeping. The version for kids is 35 pages and teaches all about an overview of beekeeping. This includes, but is not limited too, the saftey apparel we wear, hive inspections, pests, and honey extraction. The young adult version, Honey Teaches Beekeeping, is 60 pages and goes more into depth about beekeeping, pest management, and when to feed honey bees when we are not in a honey flow for example.

Below is a video about Honey Teaches Beekeeping to Kids:

We did not stop with just writing and illustrating childrens books. We also created a youtube channel and podcast titled Beekeeping with Disabilities and More! The podcast can be listened to here. The goal of this channel and podcast is to bring awareness to beekeepers with limitations and also get communication started between buisnesses and fabricators about how to help those that may struggle to manage a traditional langstroth hive. We are interviewing disabled beekeepers every week to learn how they have adapted and overcome their limitations and how they are now successful. Sprinkled among the disabled beekeepers, will be buisnesses and researchers who have been working rowards creating alternative means for beekeeping for those with limitations.

Thanks for taking time to read about our journey and where we are going from here will be shared soon!

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