On a whim!

In July of 2017 after we had harvested our first and rather unexpected honey as these were 1st year hives, I was completely taken aback as to how different our honey tasted from any that I had ever had before. We had the entire household participating in the harvest as there was a great deal to do and learn. Each one of us had the same experience with fresh from the hive honey...It is the best we had ever had!

In our mission to maintain a chemically free apiary , while ensuring the sustainability of the bees, I am forever researching and reading. On this particular day I was perusing the Bee Culture magazine and came across an advertisement for the Good Food Merchants Guild and decided that I wanted to be a part of this organization. I believe in the farm to table, hive to table mindset and knew that if I could engage with others of the same mindset it would be helpful to the success of our Apiary. I signed up to become a member hoping it would be a great resource for me.

Upon completion of signing up for the Good Food Merchants Guild there was a post from the Good Foods Awards with entrant information for the 2018 Good Foods Awards. After just recently harvesting our own honey and thinking it was exceptional, I decided what the heck, and completed the entry vetting questionnaire and submitted it on July 29, 2017.

After a blind taste testing and a couple Vetting Quuestionaires our honey was selected as one of the winners of the Good Foods Award in San Francisco. We are humbled to be amongst the winners of such a prestigious award.

We are thankful and blessed with our family, bees and friends who helped make all of this possible!

#GFA #Honey #bees #FlowHive

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