We would like to take this space to introduce our design team. Many hours of dedication and hard work from these amazingly talented individuals have blessed us with an amazing logo, package material, labels, t-shirts and an amazing website!

Aubin Dunkley of Jamaica, West Indies is a very talented artist whom we befriended while visiting Jamaica several years ago. Aubin's inspiration of drawing was fostered by his watching of Bob Ross, as he grew up, along with motivation from his mother. His ability has become perfected by repetitive drawing. He has been drawing professionally for twenty-two years.

We requested Aubin to create the logo for Hippie Chick Apiary and he was very humbled and excited.  While getting to know Aubin and his family over the years he has learned a great deal about each of us as well and shares our love of bee's and nature in general.

When Aubin presented us with his drawings in November 2017, we were speechless! He had taken our conversations and visions and had it perfectly designed on paper and the Hippie Chick logo was created.

Justin Ruger of Virginia, USA our second eldest son and a friend of Aubin's took the artists rendition and digitally enhanced it. Justin is new to the drawing world, as it is truly a gift from God! After sustaining several traumatic brain injuries in 2015, our creator enabled the remapping of his brain to go from being an up and coming nuclear physicist to an artist.

Justin has used drawing as part of his therapy during the healing process. He has to take his time and take many breaks, but what he has created from Aubin's drawing is awe inspiring!

He is the creator of all product labels, business cards, and t-shirts. His collaboration with Aubin on this design brought our families closer together even though there is an ocean between us!


Gina Miller of Tennessee, USA is the owner of A Flick of the Wrist. Gina and I have known each other for 16 years. She has done amazing things with her own company and is very talented!

Gina has guided and mentored us through the social media processes, offered suggestions and aided in the presentation of our material. She has spent a great deal of time working with Justin and us to ensure that when we publish this page it will be Bee-autiful!

One Love!

Hippie Chick Apiary


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