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Hippie Chick Apiary

good food winner 2018
2019 Good Food Award Winner

Hippie Chick Apiary is nestled in the foot hills of the Shenandoah Mountains. We are a new family owned and run Apiary.  Our “brood” of seven are hands on in some facet in the care of the apiary sharing in the chores of successful and sustainable beekeeping.

Our journey of becoming beekeepers happened about 7 years ago when our, then teenage son, Hunter shared with us a hive he saw on social media.  His excitement about this was something to be looked into as we are all lovers of nature.

We began researching the requirements and legalities of beekeeping and quickly learned that where we lived, beekeeping was not permitted.  We never stopped dreaming of being beekeepers but knew it would have to be put on hold.

In 2014, we relocated from the ocean to the mountains.  While settling into our new “hive” we revisited the beekeeping idea and learned that hives are permitted.  We were elated and so our journey of beekeeping began.

We pride ourselves in operating our apiary as chemically free, using only natural ingredients, for the treatment of any pests or disease maintenance that is necessary in the sustainability of the bees.

Owner Dee checking the hives.
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